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Apple AirPods Not Working: Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Apple AirPods Not Working: Common Problems & How to Fix Them
Apple AirPods Not Working: Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Apple AirPods are one of the most expensive gadgets in your digital kit, so expecting flawless performance is natural. Despite their hefty pricing, your gadgets sometimes behave unusually, which is frustrating. Like any other wireless technology, knowing what to do is hard when something goes wrong. 

When your AirPods display performance issues, you want to fix them quickly. For fast troubleshooting, it’s important to understand the root cause. These problems can vary from connection issues to distorted sound. 

The article combines the most common problems you could face with your Apple AirPods. Thankfully there are some quick ways to troubleshoot AirPod issues and some other ways that are quite time-intensive but effective. 

AirPods won’t Connect to the iPhone

One of the major problems AirPod users experience is difficulty connecting to iPhones. In that case, put them back into the charging case, take them out after 15 seconds, and try reconnecting to your phone.  

Alternatively, open the Control Center and select your AirPods by tapping the Now Playing box. Sometimes, AirPods are working just fine; the problem is isolated to your iPhone connectivity. Turn off the BlueTooth from the Control Center and then turn it on. 

Audio Plays Inconsistently 

When you find your AirPods playing and pausing the sound; the problem could be related to sensors or the app you use to listen to the media. The AirPods integrate proximity sensors that detect your AirPods activity when you put them in and out of the ears. 

When the sensors work inappropriately, the sound plays erratically. Moreover, change the app you Are using to play audio and unblock other apps for alternate media options. You can play audio on YouTube, so learn how to unblock youtube on mac, in case you blocked it in the past. 

AirPods Not Connecting to Mac 

Most of the time, your AirPods seem to work perfectly, while you may encounter several functional issues when trying to connect them to your MacBook – that’s normal. The quickest solution might be restarting the MacBooks and the AirPods. 

If that doesn’t work, turn off the BlueTooth from the Control Center. Now wait for a few seconds and enable BlueTooth by toggling the icon. If you are familiar with the Terminal command, kill the BlueTooth daemon running in the background to fix the problem. 

Battery Draining Too Fast

Airpods not connecting to Mac

While disabling Automatic Ear Detection can fix many problems, it’s better to keep the feature enabled for battery optimization. When you remove earbuds from your ears, they will automatically pause if the Automatic Ear Detection feature is enabled, saving battery.

To allow the feature to work properly, make sure the earbuds are clean; else, the proximity sensors will not detect them. Also, make sure the AirPods are properly charged at all times, or if nothing helps, consider replacing the battery. 

One AirPod Not Working

Each AirPod has an individual battery, so the possibilities are that one earbud needs a charge. For the best result, charge the charging case and put both earbuds inside the case until they are fully charged. Also, clean the charging case with cotton cloth and isopropyl alcohol. 

If the earbuds still are not working after getting charged, change the Balance settings on the iPhone. Navigate to Settings, click Accessibility, tap Audio/Visual, and click Balance. Set the balance to the middle so that both earbuds work in sync. 

Audio is Patchy 

If you are getting patchy audio, you are quite too far from the source device. Usually, AirPods work fine in the range of 100 feet; the walls and other obstacles can interfere even if you are in relatively closer proximity. For a better experience, understanding audio dynamics can help. 

In addition, WiFi can also interfere with the chip inside your AirPod. To fix this problem, turn off the WiFi and then try to use the AirPods with your iPhone. If you have difficulty lighting the audio, move to another area, as it can reduce connection interference. 

Call Drops Constantly

Intermittent internet connection can result in call drops, but you can fix this problem in several ways. Reset your modem and router to make the connection work properly. Unplug these devices from the power outlet, wait for 15 minutes, and plug them into the outlet. 

Ensure the AirPods are completely charged, or consider using one earbud instead of both. Additionally, open the Control Center and check that BlueTooth is enabled. If nothing helps, disable the Automatic Ear Detection feature even though it runs down the battery faster. 

Gestures Not Working 

AirPods, the 1st and 2nd generation specifically, use touch sensors that you can use to control music playback. The 3rd generation AirPods and AirPods Pro use force sensors that you can control with your thumb and index finger. 

You can modify touch sensors by navigating to Settings. Click BlueTooth, and click on the name displayed next to your AirPods. Here, you can select the action that double-tap triggers. If you don’t want to enable the double-tap gesture, set the option to ‘off.’ 

Tips to Keep Your AirPods in the Best Working Condition

Airpods not connecting to iPad

You can avoid technical glitches on your AirPods in a few simple ways. Before you change your AirPods settings, try the steps given below. 

  • Keep Your AirPods Up to Date

Similar to other digital devices, your AirPods need regular updates to function optimally. The new updates unlock features that Apple launches for the earbuds. Apple uses these upgrades to tweak features and improve performance. 

  • Reset Your AirPods Often

When you are not using your AirPods, reset the device to avoid potential issues that might arise. To reset the AirPods, put them into the charging case, hold the button on the back for about 15 seconds and wait for the orange LED to flash. 

  • Clean Your Earpods Regularly

This simple hack can keep your AirPods in good shape for years and make them work longer. Clean your AirPods regularly to remove any dirt or wax that might have accumulated with prolonged use. Also, clean the charging case properly using a cotton cloth. 

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