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How to Use New Journal App on Your iPhone?

How to Use New Journal App on Your iPhone
How to Use New Journal App on Your iPhone

How to Use New Journal App on Your iPhone? When Apple released iOS 17 in June, it included the launch of Journal, a startling new first-party software that allows you to document your life’s journey. Although Apple stated that Journal would not be included in the initial release of iOS 17.0 in September, it did guarantee that it will be included later in the year — and it is now available in iOS 17.2.

Of course, there are numerous additional journaling apps on the App Store, some of which have been available since the iPhone’s inception. As a result, Apple’s app enters a fairly crowded area, but it still offers a relatively unique take on the journaling experience, and the best thing is that it’s not only closely integrated into the iOS ecosystem, but it’s also straightforward, safe, and maybe most significantly free.

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The major limitation at the moment is that Journal is only accessible for the iPhone. Your data will be saved in iCloud (if you enable it in your settings), however, there is yet no iPad or Mac counterpart. This implies that you must complete all of your journaling in the palm of your hand.

Nonetheless, it’s a great way to jot down quick thoughts on the fly, and Apple has included several helpful features to get you started. Let’s take a look at how to get started with Apple’s new approach to journaling.

How to Use New Journal App on Your iPhone?

The Journal app is automatically installed as part of iOS 17.2, but whether it appears on your home screen or is buried in your App Library depends on how your iPhone was configured before to the update.

  1. Search for and launch the Journal app on your iPhone.
  2. If you’re using the app for the first time, you’ll see a welcome page that explains what it’s all about. If you choose Continue, you will be transported to a blank page to begin journaling.
  3. To begin producing your first journal entry, click the + button in the bottom centre of the screen.
  4. Go to the top and click the New Entry icon to begin writing.
  5. Select one of the five buttons at the bottom to add one or more images from your photo library, take a picture with your iPhone’s Camera, add an audio clip, or tag your entry with a location (more on this in the next section).
  6. Please keep in mind that any photos or audio recordings you post will be grouped under the header of the current diary entry; the diary does not allow you to put images by the flow of your text.
  7. When you’re finished, select Done.

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