10 Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support 2022

Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support
Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support

10 Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support in 2022. Remote Desktop Connection is a fantastic technique to communicate with data on this other machine. You may quickly access another machine remotely using Remote Desktop Apps. Remote desktop programs such as LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Ammy, and others can be posted on the web.

Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support

In 2022, the top 10 Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support LogMeIn stands out from the rest of the pack. For those unfamiliar with LogMeIn, it allows users to operate one computer from another. What makes LogMeIn even more intriguing is that it allows users to control up to ten computers or Macs from a single computer.

LogMeIn is extremely popular among developers, remote service centres, and other professionals. LogMeIn was once a free programme, but it is now completely subscription-based. So you can use LogMeIn until and unless you sign up for a monthly or annual membership.

List of 10 Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support

Many LogMeIn consumers have already begun exploring other options due to the company’s cost. If you used to use LogMeIn for free, you might be interested in the list of finest free alternatives we’re going to give

1. Discard

Discord - Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote

Last but not least, Discord is a fantastic way to communicate with friends and strangers. Discord is a web-based communication tool. It’s one of the best LogMeIn alternatives for Mac and Windows. You can share your desktops, voice chats, and text chats.

Discord was created with gamers and other hobbies in mind. The best part is that all of the major features are available for free. There are however certain paid features that are rarely used. But, for the most part, you won’t need them.

2. Team viewers – Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support

Team Viewer - Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote

TeamViewer is also one of the best and most often used remote access programmes for Windows 10. TeamViewer is useful since it can connect to another computer, Mac, Android, or iOS device remotely.

The TeamViewer is the greatest LogMeIn option available today, and it’s available on practically every platform.

3. Ultra VNC


This was one of the best and most highly regarded remote management programmes for Windows systems. What’s more, guess what? UltraVNC, like LogMeIn, has a plethora of useful functions.

UltraVNC, for example, may link many screens to a single computer. Not only that, but UltraVNC also offers file sharing and instant messaging.

4. MSP360 Remote Desktop

MSP360 Remote Desktop

MSP360 Remote Desktop is a lightweight remote desktop solution for Windows that allows you to access your computer quickly and securely. Many similarities exist between MSP360 Remote Desktop and TeamViewer, such as the ability to use text and voice chat during a conference call.

You also have the option of transferring files during the remote connection. Aside from that, MSP360 Remote Desktop supports multi-monitor setups. The free edition of MSP360 Remote Desktop has several limits, which is its only disadvantage.

5. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection, or RDP, is a built-in remote access feature in the Windows operating system. You may simply operate other Windows devices remotely using Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection, on the other hand, is more difficult to utilise than LogMeIn. It also includes a couple of flaws that prevent users from connecting to other devices. If you want a free alternative, though, Remote Desktop Connection might be the best option.

6. Join Me – Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support

Join Me

JoinMe’s main feature is its screen-sharing capabilities. It’s a collaboration app with a screen-sharing capability. JoinMe’s screen sharing feature allows you to show your entire computer screen to remote coworkers or clients via the internet.

In comparison to other apps, JoinMe is rather simple to set up and use. As a result, JoinMe is a great LogMeIn replacement that you can use right now.

7. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

Give Zoho Assist significant thought if you’re seeking for a very efficient LogMeIn solution for IT support. The software’s most notable feature is its extensive set of capabilities for setting up unattended remote access and managing laptops, PCs, mobile devices, and even servers with the needed flexibility.

Zoho Assist, like LogMeIn, supports several platforms, allowing you to operate devices across multiple platforms. It’s also worth mentioning that it establishes secure connections relatively quickly. So, even if LogMeIn is a little sluggish at establishing connections, it can handle the job.

Furthermore, the voice and video chat option makes it easier for you to communicate with customers and resolve problems. It also allows you to reboot a connected remote desktop with a single click and immediately reconnect to the session. Overall, Zoho Assist is ideal for assisting your customers with PC or Mac-related concerns.

Not only that, but with a smooth file transfer function during a livestream, you can easily deliver updates, patches, and other important items to the remote desktop. Finally, when it comes to protecting personal information during file transfers, Assist uses SSL 256-bit AES security to secure all data communication.

8. Beyond Trust

Beyond Trust

BeyondTrust is a well-known remote access tool. And if you’ve been utilising a remote management solution for your company, there’s a good chance you’ve already run into this programme.

For those who are new with the tool, it is designed to deliver a unified solution with high-end security and required flexibility. If LogMeIn isn’t providing you with the unified experience you need for your business, BeyondTrust is a far better solution.

You can easily manage and track privileged passwords using this tool. Smart vulnerability management is also included in the programme to assist you in making more educated privilege selections. It includes over 280 privilege and vulnerability reports, allowing you to have a better understanding of risk.

Additionally, you have the option of sharing your security data via highly secure connectors. When it comes to price, it’s quite expensive, costing $1995 per year against $108 per year for LogMeIn. However, for those who place a higher priority on security, it’s a terrific option to LogMeIn because of the top-of-the-line organization called and protection.

9. Splashtop


Splashtop is an excellent LogMeIn alternative that includes all of the fundamental functions of a remote desktop control service. The SplashTop, among the other LogMein alternatives, offers the most basic free version capabilities with a simple and user-friendly design.

10. AnyDesk – Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote Support

Anydesk - Best Free LogMeIn Alternatives For Remote

Simply put, “AnyDesk” is a low-cost and well-respected remote desktop application. As a result, you can acquire a decent LogMeIn replacement without making too many compromises. In this software, there are three main features that have grabbed my attention.

First and foremost, it offers an integrated file transfer capability that allows you to easily transfer files across machines.

The second benefit is that it facilitates online collaboration. It comes quite close to what LogMeIn has to offer in this regard. As a result, you can hold an online group meeting and easily work on the same project.

Finally, it’s far smaller (3MB) than most of its competitors. It’s more responsive and runs much faster as a result. Furthermore, AnyDesk is free for personal use, and the premium edition costs only $10.99 per month, making it a viable alternative to LogMeIn.

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