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10 Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android 2023

Cartoon avatar maker from photo

Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android
Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

10 Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android. Because people are making avatars using various programmes and sharing them on social media in various formats, such as profile pictures, WhatsApp DPs, Instagram stories, etc., avatar creation apps are becoming increasingly popular. Want to make a cartoon version of yourself? Animated or cartoon avatar? On the internet these days, the fad of creating an avatar using a cartoon avatar builder app has grown increasingly common.

On both the Android and iOS platforms, there are apps for creating cartoons, amine avatars, and avatars. You can use these programmes to build your own avatar to represent yourself on all social networking platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others. Animated videos can be produced and uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Hey guys, in this article I’ll provide you with a rundown of some programmes that can assist you in making your own avatar. So let’s look at the avatar apps that are currently popular. These apps can be used on any platform, whether it’s an iOS or Android device. You may have seen cartoon characters with real-life images from time to time; you can create such avatars. Here is the list of apps I provided for you. With one of these popular avatar creator programmes, you may quickly design your own character or avatar. Cartoon avatar maker from photo.

Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

Nowadays, especially online, having a cartoon version of yourself is essential. Look at your list of Facebook friends for a moment; you’ll see that some people hide their identity behind a cartoon avatar. Cartoon avatars are the newest fad on all social networking sites, including Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others, just like Facebook.

It’s never simple to turn yourself into a cartoon avatar. To build appealing cartoon avatars, you must be proficient in photoshop on a computer. Similar to that, using Android doesn’t make matters any easier.

List of 10 Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

Here is the list of 10 Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android:

1. MojiPop


MojiPop is a brand-new avatar-making app. You can create your own amusing cartoon and use it as stickers to spice up conversations with friends, family, and other important people in your life. Using the MojiPop app’s humorous stickers to change your chat style will help you stand out from the crowd. You can download MojiPop from each platform’s Google Play Store and app store if you want to use it on Android or iOS. This programme makes stickers look alive and like you by utilizing sophisticated facial recognition algorithms (based on AI). In essence, it uses technology to turn stickers off your captured face. Starting at $5.99 per month, MojiPop’s premium edition can be accessed.

2. ToonApp – Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

ToonApp - Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

ToonApp just cartoons your standard images; it does not create avatars. The program essentially provides you with a filter that turns your photos into cartoons. ToonApp offers a few other entertaining features in addition to applying the cartoon look, such as modifying your head size, amusing filters, and more. With ToonApp, you can also get rid of the background from your portrait photographs. As a result, you may also use this software to remove backgrounds.

3. Avatar & Cartoon Maker – Zmoji

Avatar Cartoon Maker – Zmoji
Avatar Cartoon Maker – Zmoji

One of the well-known avatar and cartoon maker apps on both iOS and Android is called Emoji. Create, modify, and edit your avatar to suit your tastes and needs. Emojis may be created with the Zmoji programme, which also functions as an avatar and cartoon maker. Emojis can be made using Zmoji using your imagination and shared on social media. You can also use these new emojis when conversing with friends or other people. In iMessage and many other messaging and talking apps, you may immediately type in your own customised emojis and GIFs with avatars that resemble your own GIFs. These are a few of this application’s features:

4. Instagram Avatars – Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

Instagram Avatars - Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

On its app, Instagram also supports the creation of 3D avatars. Create a customised avatar with distinctive face characteristics, hairstyles, clothing, and other traits with the Instagram mobile app. It’s also rather simple to create a 3D avatar using Instagram, and we’ve already given a comprehensive tutorial. Check out the instructions for creating and using an Instagram avatar before using the image-sharing website.

5. Anime Avatar Maker

Anime Avatar Maker - Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

Android app for creating anime avatars. This may be the greatest anime avatar maker tool for you if you want to construct your own anime character. You can build whichever Amine avatar you wish. Utilize your imagination to make fun of anime avatars using this software. You can use a tonne of other incredible features in this fantastic programme. Here, you can choose from a large selection of templates to create an avatar with a variety of detailed facial expressions.

You may see various expressions on the faces of the avatars in this place, along with distinct lip, eye, and brow shapes. You can pick your eye colour and hair colour. And you can alter the background of the avatar to make it cool and attractive.

6. Face Avatar Maker Creator

Face Avatar Maker Creator

An additional entertaining software you can use on your Android is Face Avatar Maker Creator. You may make a realistic cartoon avatar profile picture of yourself or your pals using Face Avatar Maker Creator. You can choose from more than 10,000 cartoon characters in Face Avatar Maker Creator to build a cartoon avatar. The programme also offers a tonne of customization choices so you may alter the look of your new avatar.

7. Bitmoji – Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

Bitmoji - Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android

One of the best and most highly regarded avatar creation apps for Android is Bitmoji. The app, which currently has millions of users, enables users to create expressive cartoon avatars. That Bitmoji creates avatars based on emotions is crucial. You may, for instance, make yourself laugh, cry, or express other emotions.

8. Boo – 3D Avatar Emoji

Boo – 3D Avatar Emoji

An augmented reality-based app called Boo 3D Avatar Maker and Emoji Creator was developed. You may make 3D avatars and augmented reality avatars using this programme. This programme is ideal for the task if you generated an avatar and want to give it a 3D appearance. Make your avatar cooler by altering the colour of its eyes, hair, and skin.

There is a tool section where you can customise your avatar. By recording your own voice and generating an animation with your avatar to wish or welcome someone, you may send your pals birthday or other occasion greetings.

9. SuperMii – Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android


Although SuperMii is not very well known, it is one of the best avatar creation apps out there. The app allows you to design unique avatars that can have any feature changed. The Android version of the Avatar app strives to give the avatars an anime vibe by closely adhering to the Japanese anime concept.

10. Character Maker – Doll Maker

Character Maker – Doll Maker

An avatar app that can also create dolls is called Character Maker. The greatest app for you, if you’re seeking for a doll creator app, is this one. What does sweet and adorable mean in Japanese? If not, we inform you. This is KAWAII. You may make the characters from your own Kawaii fantasies come to life by using a variety of Kawaii-inspired accessories.

There are more than 140 different factors, including things like skin tone, hair colour, and other facial expressions. You may make adorable, fragile, innocent, and sky-themed animation by completely customising every last detail.

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