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10 Best Gallery Vault Apps for Android 2022

Gallery Vault Apps for Android

Gallery Vault Apps for Android
Gallery Vault Apps for Android

10 Best Gallery Vault Apps for Android. If you’ve used Android for a time, you may be aware of how little privacy the platform provides. You cannot lock or hide apps, videos, or other content, for example. Since Android is an open-source operating system, there are a lot of apps available on it. Similar to this, there are gallery vault apps on the Play Store that make it simple to conceal photos and movies.

So it’s advisable to utilize the Gallery vault apps if you want to keep nosy eyes away from your belongings. Android gallery vault apps let you conceal the photos and videos in your phone’s gallery.

What is a Vault?

A smartphone software called Vault is made to let you hide private images and videos on your device. More than 100 million users use Vault now to safeguard their mobile privacy while making use of App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup, and many more beneficial features for nothing at all!

Best Gallery Vault Apps for Android

Sometimes all you want to do is keep nosy people from looking at your belongings. We comprehend. There are numerous approaches to doing it. App locks offer a quick, though not entirely successful, way to protect your privacy. Additionally, there are specific vault apps that can store files and conceal them from other programs. Of course, OEM solutions are also available.

You should choose a method that will keep out nosy roommates or children. A tech-savvy person, however, can easily get around these with a little Google searching. A flaw or forgotten password might also result in significant data loss. It’s not the end of the world, but it should serve as more of a warning that these apps aren’t completely secure and that they can have issues.

List of 10 Best Gallery Vault Apps for Android

Here is the list of 10 Best Gallery Vault Apps for Android:

1. Privary


A complete gallery app for Android cellphones is called PRIVARY. It gives you access to a photo vault where all of your private documents are securely stored. Your privacy is guaranteed by PRIVARY’s multi-level security. The photo vault can be secured with a PIN, password, or fingerprint.

These gallery vault apps for Android make it simple to conceal your photographs and movies. Please let us know in the comment section below if you are aware of any other similar apps. I hope you found this essay useful. Please spread the word to your friends as well.

2. 1Gallery – Gallery Vault Apps for Android

1Gallery - Gallery Vault Apps for Android

One of the list’s more recent gallery vault apps is 1Gallery. It combines a standard gallery with a gallery vault feature. You have the option of viewing your photos, animated gifs, and movies normally or locking them behind a vault and viewing them there. Every file in the vault is fully encrypted, and there are a few different ways to access the vault (PIN, pattern, fingerprint). Additionally, it supports panoramic, RAW, and SVG pictures. A very simple photo and video editor, a few different theme options, and a reasonably reasonable pricing are some more highlights of this one. It’s a strong contender in the field.

3. Google Photos

Google Photos

The management app for photos and videos on Android handsets is called Google Photos. A feature called Locked Folder is available in the most recent version of Google Photos. It creates a unique folder that is secured with a password, pattern, or Pin. You can store the pictures and movies you want to keep private in the locked folders. Although it’s not a perfect substitute for a gallery vault, Google Photos can nevertheless be used to conceal images and videos.

4. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault - Gallery Vault Apps for Android

The default and most widely used choice in this area is Gallery Vault. In addition to supporting additional file kinds, it also allows you to conceal images and videos, as usual. Additionally, you may use the built-in privacy browser, conceal photographs on your micro SD card, support GIFs, and even create fictitious passwords and receive unsuccessful login warnings. We only suggest the free version as a trial version for the premium version because it is utterly drenched in advertisements. There are other solutions out there if you need something for nothing. However, if you can stomach the high price tag, the premium version of this is actually not half bad.

5. Safe Folder – Gallery Vault Apps for Android

Safe Folder

Safe Folder functions in the same way as every other software on the list by building a vault where you may save your private images and movies. The vault can be secured with a Password, Pattern, or Pin. Safe Folder may be used to lock contacts, secure notes, and more in addition to the photo and video vault. Overall, Safe Folder is one of the best gallery vault apps available right now.

6. Hide Something

Hide Something - Gallery Vault Apps for Android

One of the most aesthetically pleasing gallery vault apps is Hide Something. It also functions admirably as a vault app. To hide files, you can share them directly from third-party apps to this. It also offers support for hidden backups on Google Drive. That’s actually pretty cool. Support for GIFs, a faux vault mode, support for fingerprints, and more are some additional features. Additionally, it does not appear in the recent applications menu. It has the most typical features and is inexpensive. That it doesn’t encrypt your files is the only drawback. As a result, someone who is more tech aware and has a file browser can still view your data. Great for your children, bad for snoopy, tech-savvy burglars.

7. Privacy Space – Gallery Vault Apps for Android

Privacy Space

The most well-known photo vault software on the list, Privacy Space, allows you to preserve your privacy by hiding your photos and videos. In addition to being a photo vault, Privacy Space also functions as an app locker that lets you password- or fingerprint-lock any sensitive apps.

8. PhotoGuard

PhotoGuard - Gallery Vault Apps for Android

An outstanding app in this category is PhotoGuard. It uses AEX-256 bit encryption and protects your photos with either a pattern, PIN, or fingerprint lock. It operates similarly to most gallery vaults. The app hides your added photographs and videos from all other apps on your phone after you upload them. This one also offers cloud storage for $54.99 once or $2.99 per month for alerts when someone tries to break into your vault. It feels like one of the more mature options and is a rather respectable one.

9. LockMyPix – Gallery Vault Apps for Android


A complete gallery vault app called LockMyPix is available on the Google Play Store. It offers a secure vault where you can keep your pictures and videos. Other crucial features include offline support, fake login, support for fingerprint scanners, and many more. Additionally, it enables you to make a false vault with a different PIN code.

10. Hide it Pro

It’s a standout among other Gallery vault apps on the Google Play Store. On your Android device, the app poses as the Audio Manager app. Additionally, it features an audio controller that allows you to adjust the level, but if you long-press the title, the actual vault will launch.

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