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How to Fix Audio Cracking Issue on Windows 11?

Fix Sound Cracking Issue on Windows 11

How to Fix Audio Cracking Issue on Windows 11?
How to Fix Audio Cracking Issue on Windows 11?

How to Fix Audio Cracking Issue on Windows 11? Some Windows 11 customers are reporting a strange issue in which they hear cracking hounds when playing various forms of music on their PC, laptop, or ultrabook. This type of issue has been confirmed with both speakers and headsets.

How to Fix Audio Cracking Issue on Windows 11?

We’re delighted to inform you that after delving further into this issue, we’ve identified numerous possible causes that are most likely creating this type of difficulty. Here is a list of prospective perpetrators who are most likely to blame for this issue:

Method 1: Corrupted or Incompatible Audio Driver

Among the most prevalent reasons for this problem is an incorrect or partially corrupted audio driver. This type of issue is usually observed when Windows 11 was gotten through an upgrade rather than a clean install. In this instance, you should be able to resolve the issue by updating or reinstalling the audio driver via Device Manager.

Method 2: The default playback device is not set

As it turns out, if you use a headset that is designed to flip between mono and stereo channels based on what you’re doing, you should expect to encounter this type of problem. This form of channel swapping has been reported to cause problems with Windows 11. However, you must be able to resolve the issue by making the headset your primary playback device in the Sound settings.

Method 3: The quality of the format stream is insufficient

If you connect a high-end sound system to the headset, you may encounter sound cracking issues while attempting to play high-quality audio content in circumstances where the codec stream is set to a value lower than just what your playback device is capable of generating. To resolve this issue, navigate to the Properties tab of your playback split and change the stream format to Studio Reliability.

Method 4: Interference with sound enhancement to Fix Audio Cracking Issue

A recognised cause of this type of problem is a software enhancement fault that results in popping or cracking issues as the audio output is ‘improved.’ In this situation, you can remedy the sound cracking problem by removing all sound enhancements.

Method 5: Voicemeter use MME rather than WDM

If you’re actively using Voicemetrer or other applications that use Virtual Audio I/O, you’re likely to notice these audio artefacts if you’re using the MME or ASIA audio driver by default. You can resolve this issue by switching Voicemeter’s (or similar software’s) preferred audio driver to WDM.

Method 6: Glitch in the 3.5 Mini Jack to Fix Audio Cracking Issue

If you only have this problem while connecting a headset or speakers system via a 3.5 mini-jack, you may be able to reduce the distortion by going to the Sound options in Windows 11 and selecting audio enhancement.

Method 7: BIOS or UEFI firmware that is no longer supported

In some cases, you might expect to encounter this problem if you’re running an out-of-date BIOS or UEFI version that limits your PC’s ability to output high-quality audio streams. In this instance, upgrading your BIOS or UEFI edition to the most recent version should resolve the issue.

Method 8: The Wi-Fi Transmit Power frequency is interfering with the Bluetooth audio stream

If you’re using a Bluetooth headset and your Wi-Fi connection is powered by the Intel (R) Wi-Fi driver, the transmission frequency could be generating sound abnormalities. To resolve the issue, change the transmission frequency in the Wi-Fi driver’s Properties settings.

Method 9: System File Corruption

You should also be prepared to deal with this problem if some critical sound dependencies are harmed by system file corruption. Because identifying the specific culprits is impossible (unless you’re an expert at searching through dump data), the only method to resolve this issue is to undertake a clean install or repair install process.

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