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15 Most Improved Features in Android 12

Most Improved Features in Android 12
Most Improved Features in Android 12

15 Most Improved Features in Android 12. Android 12 provides even more personalized, secure, and convenient experiences on your device. Featuring a completely reimagined UI designed specifically for you, new privacy features designed for your safety and to put you in control, and more seamless ways to get right to your gameplay or even switch to a new device. More personal, secure, and simple than ever before.

Most Improved Features in Android 12

Android 12

What’s New in Android 12

1. Most Personalised OS Ever

Android 12 is our most personal operating system yet, with dynamic colour capabilities that can reshape your experience premised on your wallpaper and responsive motion that reacts to your touch. Even the widgets have been updated, with your favourite people always available right on your home screen. And, with a more spacious redesign, colour contrast optimizations, and new features to assist those with low vision, Android 12 is designed to be more accessible to a wider range of users.

2. A design that pushes the boundaries

Android 12 reshapes the whole user interface, from shapes, light, and motion to customized system colours that can be tailored to your preferences. It’s our most expressive, dynamic, and personal operating system yet, and it’s been redesigned to be more comfortable and convenient.

3. Color reimagined

When you change the wallpaper on your Pixel, your entire Android 12 experience changes to match. Using advanced colour extraction algorithms, you can easily personalize the feel and look of your entire phone, which includes notifications, settings, widgets, and even specific apps.

4. A more dynamic and responsive user interface

With each tap, swipe, and scroll, the UI comes to life, responding quickly and expressively with smooth motion and animations. Android 12 improves system performance, allowing your device to work in perfect harmony with you.

5. Your favourite people have moved to a new location

An all-new discussion widget puts discussions with people you care about front and centre on your home screen, ensuring that you never miss a message from your loved ones. You can see missed calls, birthdays, and other information at a glance.

6. Designed for accessibility

Android 12 is designed to be even more user-friendly, with new visibility features such as:

Magnification of an area:

A new window magnifier allows you to zoom in on a specific area of your screen without losing context on the rest of the screen’s content.

Extra dark:

Make your display extra dark for nighttime scrolling or when even the lowest brightness setting is too bright.

The text is bold:

With the ability to change the font to bold across the entire phone, you can see text more clearly.


Change the way colours appear on your device to grayscale.

7. You’re in control because it’s designed to be private

Android 12 is built to keep you safe. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have control over who can see your data and when, thanks to new easy-to-use, powerful privacy features.

8. Improved microphone and camera access controls

Because of a new indicator in your phone’s status bar, you can see when an app is using your microphone or camera with Android 12. If you don’t want any apps to have access to your microphone or camera, you can entirely disable some of these sensors with two new toggle switches in quick settings. Simply turn on the light.

9. Maintain the secrecy of your precise location

While some apps require precise location information for tasks such as turn-by-turn navigation, many other apps can benefit from your approximate location. With Android 12, you can choose whether to give apps access to your exact location or an approximate location.

10. At a glance, your privacy settings

The privacy dashboard provides a clear and comprehensive view of when apps have accessed your location, camera, or microphone in the last 24 hours. If you notice anything that makes you uncomfortable, you can manage permissions directly from the dashboard.

11. Keep sensitive data safe in the Private Computer Core

Continuous streams of data, such as audio from your apps, sounds nearby, or the content on your screen, enable powerful Android features like Live Captioning and Now Playing. However, this information can be highly sensitive, and you may not want it to leave your phone.

It’s important that we build these features in a way that protects your privacy, which is why we created Private Computer Core. It’s a one-of-a-kind secure mobile environment that’s separate from the rest of the operating system and your apps. Any information processed in Private Compute Core must be explicitly authorized by the user before it can be shared with Google or any other app or service. The protections in Private Compute Core, like the rest of Android, are open source and fully inspectable, and verifiable by the security community.

12. Everything on your phone has just obtained a whole lot easier

Android 12 makes everything on your phone simple and easy to use. You can start playing without having to wait for a full download and even easily transfer your data to a new Android phone.

13. Begin playing straight away

Reduce your waiting time and increase your playing time. Android 12 allows you to play as you download, allowing you to jump right into gameplay without having to wait for the full download to complete.

You can also choose your game mode based on performance or battery life, depending on whether you want a more immersive gaming experience or a longer play session.

14. Extend screenshots beyond the boundaries of your screen

Just because you’ve reached the end of your screen doesn’t mean you have to end your screenshot. Scrollable screenshots allow you to capture the entire page’s content in a single image.

15. Switching made simple

It’s not been easier to make the switch to Android and find the best device for you. Beginning with Android 12, you can transfer all of your important data by connecting your old phone to your new Android via a cable or a shared WiFi connection. Your memories and data will be safely transferred-even from your iPhone® (welcome!).

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