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10 Best Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone 2023

Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

Best Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone
Best Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

10 Best Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone. Since the introduction of the internet, its speed has increased beyond all expectations. The time when we had to rely on internet speeds of up to 512Kbps is long gone. 5–10 Mbps internet speed is currently regarded as “Normal” due to increased internet standards.

It seems sensible to monitor the internet speed because everyone wants faster internet. You can decide if it’s time to change networks by evaluating your internet speed. With a slow internet connection, you can also tell if your ISP is deceiving you. In addition, you may determine whether or not others abuse your WiFi network by looking at the internet speed.

What is a Wifi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that enables printers and video cameras to connect to the Internet as well as computers (laptops and desktops), mobile devices (smartphones, wearables, etc.), and other devices. It establishes a network by enabling information interchange between these devices and numerous others.

A wireless router provides access to the internet. You connect to a wireless router when you use Wi-Fi, which enables your Wi-Fi-compatible devices to communicate with the Internet.

Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

Any app on the list can be chosen based on your needs. Ping is most important when performing a speed test for online gaming. Pinging under 40 to 50 should generally be acceptable. There are simple network analyzers like nPerf and rudimentary speed measurement programs like SpeedSmart. You may always stick with Ookla if you want a secure option with extras like VPN services. But to be honest, if it’s only going to be once, just use the browser’s settings. DSLReports conducts tests at several sites across the nation and provides an average.

List of 10 Best Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

Here is the list of 10 Best Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone:

1. SpeedSmart


a simple interface for a speed test program. The latency, download, and upload speeds are calculated by SpeedSmart. By approving the location service, you can choose the default server, or you can decline it to choose another server from the list of choices.

If you click the information icon in the top left corner of the program, you will see some basic details. For your ISP, Wi-Fi, mobile network, and an average history of the previous week and month, you may view the average latency, download speed, and upload speed. Simply swipe right on any result to read details, share the report, or open the bandwidth calculator to see all of your previous findings.

2. Fast Speed Test

Fast Speed Test

One of the best and lightest speed test apps available for the iPhone is FAST Speed Test from Netflix. Use the app by launching it and starting the scan to operate it.

The FAST Speed Test will evaluate and display the speed of your internet connection after a brief check. The FAST Speed Test’s ability to measure internet speed for mobile, broadband, WiFi, and other forms of connectivity is a plus.

3. Internet Speed Test – Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

Internet Speed Test

Another excellent iPhone app on the list to use to gauge the speed of WiFi, 5G, or 4G LTE networks is Internet Speed Test. It not only displays the download/upload speed of the internet but also the ping time.

In addition to standard internet speed testing, Internet Speed Test has a few more helpful features, such as the capacity to save a history of your previous test results, a full result display with test location, network ping & jitter test, and more.

4. SpeedChecker


You may use SpeedChecker to learn more than just your typical download and upload speeds. You may find out how long it often takes to download particular things like songs, TV series, and movies in various formats.

Tap the “start test” button to run a speed test. Simply swipe left to view multiple result windows as the results appear. You can tell if your connection is suitable for online browsing, Siri, gaming, video calls, music streaming, and video streaming by looking at the connection quality result. You may see the approximate times for uploading and downloading songs, TV series, movies, photographs & videos, etc. by swiping farther to the left.

5. Speed Test: Network Ping Check

Speed Test Network Ping Check

With Speed Test: Network Ping Check, you can track and compare previous speed test results in addition to checking the internet speed of your WiFi and cellular networks. Speed Test: Network Ping Check has a user interface that is pretty simple to use and clean, and it offers you reports on your internet speed that are simple to read.

6. nPerf – Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

nPerf - Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

nPerf is a difficult name to pronounce and also does difficult tasks. The app has the ability to run individual speed, browsing, streaming, and overall tests. Additionally, the free edition offers all of this.

You can select the test you want to run from the menu button in the top left corner. The test appears on your screen in real-time, which will surprise you. What I mean to say is that when you do a browsing speed test, you can really see each page for Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and other well-known websites that you would frequently visit opening on your screen.

7. WIFI & Internet Speed Test from MushTrip

WIFI & Internet Speed Test from MushTrip

With only one swipe, you can use the app to conduct a professional internet speed test. Millions of customers currently use MushTrip’s WIFI & Internet Speed Test to assess the cellular and WiFi network speed. Additionally, it displays real-time graphs with connection quality, download and upload speed charts, your ISP’s typical speed, etc.

8. Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer - Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

When you use Network Analyzer, you can find out your basic upload and download speeds as well as the number of systems connected to your network. If you are using a workspace network and are wondering why you are having trouble accessing the internet, you may use this tool.

You may view information about your connection, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks on the dashboard or home screen of the app. You may run a LAN scan, which essentially lists the device IPs and the number of systems connected to your network. The third tab from the bottom is for the speed test, which, by the way, has some quite spectacular graphics.

9. Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla

The finest and quickest internet speed test software available for both Android and iOS users is Speedtest by Ookla. You can check your download, upload, and ping with Speedtest by Ookla. Additionally, it displays the consistency graphs in real-time. In addition, Speedtest by Ookla displays customer evaluations of the ISPs.

10. Meteor – Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

Meteor - Wifi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

One of the top WiFi speed test applications available for iOS is Meteor. The ability to examine the download and upload speeds of a WiFi network is the best feature of Meteor.

Additionally, you may assess the speed of web browsing and streaming. With only 17 stars, the app is not very well-liked in the iOS app store. These free iPhone apps allow you to easily assess your WiFi speed.

Please share any further similar apps you may be aware of in the section below.

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