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How to use hot corners on Mac?

How to use hot corners on Mac?

How to use hot corners on Mac
How to use hot corners on Mac

How to use hot corners on Mac? A Mac computer is a versatile device, and one of its most powerful productivity enhancers is known as Hot Corners. This useful feature is tucked away in System Preferences, but it’s easy to find and set up once you know where to look.

When you use Hot Corners on a Mac, you don’t have to remember keyboard shortcuts, and you can even speed up drag-and-drop operations. The feature can be a little confusing in some situations, but once you’re familiar with it and have muscle memory for it, using Hot Corners will be a breeze.

What are hot corners on Mac?

Hot corners enable you to use the four corners of your Mac’s screen to trigger specific actions when you move the pointer in a specific corner. Furthermore, the bottom-right corner is pre-set to Quick Note.

Try moving your pointer to the bottom right corner of the screen. There should be a small box visible. Click it to open a new note, which can be useful when you need to jot down an idea quickly. However, you can tailor each hot corner to your specific requirements.

How to enable hot corners on Mac?

  1. Got to Apple menu → System Preferences.
  2. Select Desktop & Screensaver.
  3. Go to the Screensaver tab.
  4. Click Hot Corners.
  5. Select the action from the popup menu in the desired corner.
  6. Hit OK.

How to Actions set up on hot corners?

use hot corners on Mac

Here is the list of 10 methods to Actions set up on hot corners:

Method #1. Mission Control

If you run multiple windows and apps on your Mac at the same time, Mission Control helps you stay on top of things by providing an overview of everything that is currently open on your Mac. Assigning it to a Hot Corner is just one of several methods for gaining access to Mission Control on your Mac.

Method #2. Desktop to Actions set up on hot corners

If you’re anything like me, you keep all of your important files on your desktop for easy access. However, if your desktop is cluttered with too many windows, accessing them may be difficult. This action clears all windows so you can access your desktop. When you click a file, the windows reappear.

Method #3. Launchpad to Actions set up on hot corners

This hot corner launches the Launchpad, which looks and feels like the Home screen of an iPad or iPhone. Launchpad can help you find, organise, delete, and access your apps.

Because you can add the Launchpad icon to your Dock, this may not be as useful as a hot corner. However, if you want to use the Launchpad quickly, this is an excellent method.

Method #4. Application Windows

This displays a list of all the windows that have been opened for a specific app. Some apps may also display recently accessed files. In this view, you can switch between different app thumbnails.

Method #5. Notification Center

This is rarely used as a Hot Corner because the Notification Center is always accessible via the menu bar.

Method #6. Quick Note to Actions set up on hot corners

As previously stated, this Hot Corner is by default assigned to the lower right hot corner and allows you to open a note instantly. Quick Notes are stored in a separate folder in the Notes app.

Method #7. Start Screensaver to Actions set up on hot corners

While screensavers are no longer widely used, this can be a useful feature if you want to hide the contents of your desktop while you walk away for a few minutes.

This action causes your screensaver to appear immediately and overrides the preset time that your Mac must be idle before a screensaver appears.

Method #8. Disable Screensaver

If you set your screensaver to turn on after a certain amount of time, it may appear when you don’t want it to, such as when you’re staring at your desktop, pondering the best way to phrase an email. This hot corner action buys you some time while also preventing your screensaver from activating.

Method #9. Put Display to Sleep

You might prefer this action if you’d rather put your screen to sleep rather than use a screensaver to save energy. This hot corner allows you to override the Turn display off after setting in System Preferences Battery and instantly turn off your display.

Method #10. Lock Screen

This hot corner action puts your screen to sleep immediately and requires a password to reactivate it. When dealing with sensitive information or simply want more privacy, locking your screen may come in handy.

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